Let our Auto-Buyers Guide assist you in preparing for your next automobile purchase, and take the stress out of your dealership experience.

An automobile purchase and buying a home are the two biggest every day financial things you will do. Use our Auto Buyer’s Guide which presents some of the issues and alerts you to some of the facts that may occur during your auto dealer visit when you are in the process of your next auto purchase.

Don’t be too quick to rush into the purchase of an automobile without being aware of ALL your options. Learn how to negotiate your best price on an auto; beware of auto dealer pitfalls, and when all is said and done you will walk out of the dealership with the knowledge that you closed on a good auto loan for a sales price that you were comfortable with.


Showing emotion takes the advantage of negotiation out of your hands and puts it right into the hands of the dealer!

Your automobile purchase buying experience needs to start in the privacy of your own home, using the internet to plan and research all the nitty-gritty details. Utilizing the internet tools to learn all there is to know about the particular automobile of choice will help to place you in a good negotiating advantage at the auto dealership.

Some of the most important automobile purchase buying facts to remember when shopping for your next auto:

  1. Decide how much you want to spend on the purchase of an automobile.  Come up with a number that you are comfortable with and stick to it!
  2. Pick an auto to purchase within your budget.
  3. Using the number you want to spend, now decide how much you can afford to spend for an auto loan.
  4. Be prepared with how, where, and when you will have the financial resources should you be required to have a down payment on the auto purchase. In the event you will be required to have a down payment, consider the dollar value you wish to spend, and consider twenty percent (20%) of that amount to be available for a down payment if required.yment if required.
  5. A down payment requirement is relevant to your current credit situation. If you receive an online auto loan, you will not be required through the online lender to have a down payment, however more times than not they require some form of down payment.
  6. Visit a credit reporting website, like: AnnualCreditReport.com . Know what auto loan lenders will be seeing when they review your credit history for approval. If need be, and you see through review of your credit that there is some clean up to be done, put off your purchase for 30 to 60 days to clean up your credit of inaccurate, untrue, false information.
  7. Take notes, notes, and MORE NOTES!
  8. Research the auto choice you are considering for: (Need, Value, and Price Range)
  9. Compare the auto purchase you wish to make with other makes and models in the same category.
    * Cars in high demand usually have the least consumer negotiation power.
    * Newer, more expensive automobile’s, are not always better.
    * Weigh: value the value of the automobile with the need, beauty and status it will bring you.
  10. When purchasing a used car get the retail and wholesale value of your final automobile choice.
  11. When purchasing a new car know the True Market Value
  12. Apply for a direct loan through an online auto lender prior to going to an auto dealership.
    * The approval from a direct online auto loan lender makes you a “cash” customer to the auto dealer.
    ** As a cash customer you NEVER have to release your Social Security Number to the auto dealer during negotiations for the purchase price of thAs a cash customer you ALWAYS want to request a “One-Pay Contract” if you have been approved for a loan from one of our multiple direct auto loan lenders.
    *** If direct lending doesn’t give you an approval, “indirect” dealer financing is also a good alternative option if you have the knowledge you need under your belt when approaching the dealer and are completely aware of your financing alternatives.

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